Advanced Geoprocessing with ModelBuilder and Python in ArcGIS Pro   |   3-Day Course

Students of this course will explore advanced ArcGIS techniques for geoprocessing, data analysis, project management, and metadata. The course is designed around the ArcGIS Pro geoprocessing framework: ArcToolbox, ModelBuilder, and Python/arcpy scripting. 


The course starts with ModelBuilder, where students will learn how to use iterators and model elements to automate complicated multi-step geoprocessing workflows through any number of datasets. 


The course then moves into Python scripting and the arcpy module for geo-processing scripts inside of ArcGIS Pro. This part of the course is split between learning Python scripting techniques not unique or inherent to ArcGIS Pro, and arcpy scripting techniques specific to ArcGIS Pro. 


To wrap up the course, we introduce techniques to automate metadata writing and ArcGIS Pro project (aprx) management. 



  • ModelBuilder Formatting and Set-up
  • ModelBuilder and Multi-step Geoprocessing Workflows
  • ModelBuilder and Attribute Table Workflows
  • ModelBuilder and Iterator
  • ModelBuilder to Python
  • Basic Python (arcpy) Scripting Format
  • Basic Python Functions and Datatypes


  • List Datatype and For and While Loop Iteration
  • Python if-elif-else Conditional Statements
  • Python Functions
  • Python Code Blocks in ArcGIS Pro Field Calculator
  • Python Objects
  • Python Dictionaries
  • Python for ArcGIS Pro Project and Metadata Management
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