ArcGIS Online for GIS Professionals   |   Length Varies

This course is designed for GIS professionals and provides in-depth coverage of the ArcGIS Online (AGOL) environment. 


The course begins with an overview of the AGOL system of applications, credits, sharing properties, user types, user roles, and licensing capabilities, followed by a focus on the linkages between ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online. 


Students will create, edit, and analyze data and learn how to publish the correct AGOL map services from ArcGIS Pro. Students will additionally learn how to manage map services within the AGOL environment. 


Finally, students will work on building web-applications to dynamically present data analysis results within AGOL and be introduced to Arcade coding in the process.  




  • ArcGIS Online User Types
  • Web Layers and Map Viewers
  • Editing Data
  • Views and Visualizations
  • Layer Configuration
  • Configuring Styles, Labels, and Effects


  • Arcade Labels
  • Arcade Pop-ups
  • Analysis Tools
  • Instant Applications
  • Experience Builder
  • Dashboard Configuration
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