ArcGIS Pro Model Builder for Data Management and Geoprocessing   |  2-Day Course

Students of this course will explore ArcGIS Pro Model Builder workflows for data management, geoprocessing, and data analysis. The course starts with an introduction to Model Builder and the correct way to plan and construct a workflow.  


The course proceeds through a series of hands-on exercises exploring the fundamental components of a model, building of a multi-step geoprocessing workflow model, iterating a complex workflow through multiple pieces of data in an automated process, and using additional tools to create logical conditions for branching within a model.  In the process, students learn how to create variables, choose tools, set parameters and annotate a model. 


Students also learn to use iterators within Model Builder to automate complicated multi-step geoprocessing workflows through any number of datasets. Students learn to apply a number of other functions within Model Builder to create logical conditional branching within a Model Builder workflow model.  


From the simple to complex GIS workflows, Model Builder is the primary tool offered in ArcGIS PRO.  Upon completion of this course, students will have full capacity to use Model Builder effectively wherever it improves their GIS workflow.





  • Overview of Model Builder
  • Fundamentals of Model Builder Workflow Design
  • Complex Multi-step Model Builder Workflows


  • Iterator Tools for Automating Model Builder Workflows
  • Logic Based Tools for Conditional Branching within Model Builder Workflows
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