Introduction to ArcGIS Pro   |   3-Day Course

The WarthogIS ArcGIS Pro introductory training is broken into fourteen separate topics. 


The course begins with a summary of Geographic Information Systems and then proceeds into an overview of ArcGIS Pro software.  


Each of the following topics introduces an aspect of GIS through both live instruction and hands-on practice exercises in ArcGIS Pro. The final exercise introduces ArcGIS Online web mapping. 




  • Introduction to GIS
  • Introduction to ArcGIS Pro
  • Introducing to Raster Data
  • Introducing Vector Data
  • Making a Map (Flattop Island)
  • Working with Vector Data
  • Working with Raster Data




  • Event Data
  • Relational Database Functionality
  • Digitizing New Data
  • Automated Geoprocessing Workflows for Feature Classes
  • Raster Analysis
  • GIS Based Site Suitability Analysis
  • ArcGIS Online
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