Introduction to ArcGIS Online (AGOL)   |   Length Varies

This course is for ArcGIS Online (AGOL) beginners and starts with a high-level overview of the AGOL system of applications, credits, sharing properties, user types, user roles, and licensing capabilities. 


The training then focuses on the pre-configured AGOL environment. Students will learn to:


  • Search, load, view, symbolize, and configure pop-ups for layers using the AGOL Map application
  • How ArcGIS Field Mapper Applications are integrated with AGOL
  • How to edit, analyze, and view data collected in the field environment inside of the AGOL environment. 


Students will also learn how to include web maps in web applications, how to configure web applications and data driven dashboards, and how to create simple Story Maps.




  • Introduction to the AGOL Platform
  • Publish Web Layers from ArcGIS Pro
  • Search for Data in AGOL
  • Working with Web Layers
  • Configure Web Layers in Map Viewer
  • Symbolize, Label, and Configure Pop-ups


  • Building a Web Map
  • Introduction to Web Applications in AGOL
  • ArcGIS Instant Apps
  • ArcGIS Configurable Apps
  • ArcGIS Dashboards
  • ArcGIS StoryMaps
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