Migration to ArcGIS Pro from ArcMap   |   Length Varies

Students of this course will learn the differences in layout and fundamental processes between ESRI's ArcMAP and ArcGIS Pro through guided exercises. 


Each exercise will contain text and media, as well as hands-on tasks to facilitate student learning. These hands-on portions will utilize publicly available data to allow students to practice real-world GIS processes and workflows in the ArcGIS Pro software. 


This practice will help students transition into being proficient ArcGIS Pro users. 




  • Introduction to ArcGIS Pro User Interface
  • Working with Raster Data
  • Working with Vector Data
  • Cartography
  • Geoprocessing with Vector Data
  • Geoprocessing with Raster Data
  • Event Data


  • Relational Database Functionality
  • Digitizing New Data
  • Automated Geoprocessing Workflows for Feature Classes
  • Raster Analysis
  • GIS Based Site Suitability Analysis
  • ArcGIS Online



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